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Home>How to Light a Pipe

How to Light a Pipe

Lighting a pipe, and packing it beforehand, are part of the overall pipe-smoking experience. While the tobacco itself does provide a great deal of pleasure, a lot of what makes a pipe so relaxing is the entire ritual. There are several steps involved in getting just the right combination of packing, lighting and smoking the pipe.

The pipe lighter will have a wide hole in the screen instead of the several small holes characteristic of cigarette lighters. This allows the flame to be drawn into the pipe easily. Ideally, one shouldnt hold the pipe lighter perpendicular to the tobacco but, rather, at a slight angle. The flame can be easily drawn down into the bowl by lightly puffing until the tobacco reaches a temperature sufficient to sustain combustion but which is not so hot that it results in a harsh smoke.

There will be two stages of packing the pipe. After the tobacco is cleaned, making certain there are no clumps or impurities in the tobacco, fill up the bowl halfway and tamp it down. Draw through the unlit pipe to make certain that there's no resistance. Pack the bowl the rest of the way and tamp down the tobacco until it is level with the top of the bowl. Before the final smoking light, the tobacco needs to be properly dried.

Lighting the pipe is a two-stage process. After cleaning the tobacco of any clumps, one packs the bowl halfway, tamps it down and tests for an easy draw. The bowl is then packed to the rim and tamped down so that it is level with the top of the bowl.

The second light is done in the same way, drawing the flame down into the tobacco excepting that this time the tobacco is actually heated until it burns on its own. Don't get the tobacco too hot. Again, take a bit of time and let the tobacco naturally build up enough heat to maintain combustion. Getting the tobacco very hot will result in the smoke having a harsh taste. Puff a few times and, when the tobacco is lit, sit back and enjoy! The tobacco should burn for quite a long time when it is properly packed and lit.

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