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Colibri Firebird Ascent Single Flame Butane Torch Lighter
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Colibri Firebird Ascent Single Flame Butane Torch Lighter
Are you one of those people who drop their lighter all the time? If so, the Firebird Ascent Single Flame Torch Lighter is the lighter for you. It’s covered, from bottom to top, in a thick rubber capsule. While other lighters are made with slippery metal casings, this lighter is 100% grip. In fact, dropping this lighter is one of the early warning signs of Parkinson’s. The lighter also comes with a free lanyard included. It’s safe to say that this thing is never hitting the ground.

But who could need so much help just holding on to a little ol’ lighter?

The answer comes from the other features:

Single Flame Torch Lights up to 12,000 ft. Locking Cap Water Resistant

The Firebird Ascent Single Flame Torch Lighter is for climbers, adventurers, and other outdoorsy types! And while some mountaineers bring along oxygen to avoid developing altitude sickness, you bring along a travel humidor. While others are worried about staving off high-altitude pulmonary edema, you’re worried about getting an even burn while the wind whips off the cap of Mt. Everest at a breezy 120 mph. And while others are returning safely home, you’re frozen to the mountainside forever, with a twisted grin and a stogie in your teeth, a lasting monument to the love of cigars and extraordinary disregard for personal safety.

And it’s all thanks to the Firebird Ascent Single Flame Torch Lighter. Like Frank Sinatra famously crooned, “I did it myyyyy waaaaaay!” That will likely be the motto on the bronze memorial plate left beside your frozen body. And as other climbers pass by, they’ll see a little orange lighter clutched in your icy claws, and wonder why someone felt the need to smoke up so close to the summit.

But we’ll know why, friend. We’ll know why.

Because cigars are awesome.

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